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The Tales Of Tribes

The Tales Of Tribes

The Daasanach are traditionally pastoralists, but in recent years have become primarily agropastoral. Women are circumcised by removing the clitoris. Women who are not circumcised are called animals or boys and cannot get married or wear clothes. Women wear a pleated cowskin skirt and necklaces and bracelets, they are usually are married off at 17 while men are at 20.

  • Hammar Tribal Young Girl-Tales Of A Forgotten Land

    The Hamar people are one of the biggest tribal groups, living in remote mountain areas of lower Oma Valley, many women cover their hair with a mixture of red-ocher colouring and animal fat, then style it in plaits over their foreheads. I personally witnessed how they make stylish goatskin skirts, which are longer in the back than in the front and resemble the tail of a gazelle. They wear no cloth on top part and often wear organic ornaments. Their major source of earning is dependent on raising goats, sheep, and cows which they trade in weekly markets in Dimeka and Turmi in Ethiopia.

  • Sneaking Around In Catty Style

    The leopard has been caught on lens here sneaking around. Echoing a very human like sensibility, the leopard is conscious of who is around as he tries to get a peek of what is going on. Majestic yet stealthy-- a contrast in opposites!

  • Of Tribes and Triviliaties

    Ethiopia is about colors and dark shades. The beauty only enhances as you reach the deeper tribal cycles. The lady here seems at peace with herself and the world at large. Salute!

  • Tiger Tiger Mighty Tired, Resting On A Rock So High

    A close up shot of the might tiger who seems mighty tired as he sits atop a rock at Prague Zoo. He is calm yet has a confident air to himself. Perhaps that is why he is called the mightiest among the cats!

  • Blooming In Orange At Montreaux Amid Layers Aplenty

    The lovely colour of the blooming rose contrast against the dull glow of the pinkish leaves. The layers of the rose are so lovely that it reminds us of the many layers that life has to offer. The dullness of the leaves too remind us of the shadows of life while the blossoming orange makes us recall the colours in life!

  • The Tales Of Tribes

    The Daasanach are traditionally pastoralists, but in recent years have become primarily agropastoral. Women are circumcised by removing the clitoris. Women who are not circumcised are called animals or boys and cannot get married or wear clothes. Women wear a pleated cowskin skirt and necklaces and bracelets, they are usually are married off at 17 while men are at 20.

  • The Sun Captured In The Palm

    The silhouette image is one of my firsts but the amazing effect to has beguiled me like no other. The sun seems to be captured in the tiny hand signifying that no matter how high handed our ambitions is, it is possible to capture the same. In addition, the waves in the background remind us that obstacles are always around—we only need to look beyond.

  • Up Close And Near The Leopard

    Who knew danger has a latent beauty? This shot of a leopard makes us wonder how the calmest of faces has the wildest of abilities. The very stare of the leopard is steadfast and the way it has cuddled up shows it is comfy in its own territory-- as long as he faced no disturbance.

  • Of Kazo Girls and their Lives

    They are cattle herders and practice agriculture. Very colorful bracelets and beads are worn in their hair and around their waists and arms. The practice of body modification is used by cutting themselves and packing the wound with ash and charcoal. Some of the women wear circular wedge necklaces indicating that they are married.

  • Life On The Edge--Defying Gravity In Mumbai

    Rambo Circus beguiled Mumbaikars and made for a classy act. Hardly seen anywhere else, the trained performers seemed to not just defy gravity but also balance themselves on the edge! If life could be so easy, then troubles would have been fun! A class of its own, we bow down to the Rambo guys!

  • Look At Matterhorn Kisses The Blue Skies

    On camera is the majestic Matterhorn that stands high as if it wants to rise higher than the majestic skies. The snow capped peaks are awesome and the contrasting smaller mounts add more meaning to the ever expanding span. Switzerland--the heaven on Earth!

  • Impressions knows no second day

    The tribal girl is a highlight thanks to all the color of the jewelry. The hairstyle and the beaded ware make her look bright--no less than an angel.

  • The Yellow And Happy Balloon Of Life

    The Vilnius trip with the hot balloon was completely adventurous and over the top. The gigantic motif of the balloon amid the colorful terrain reminded me of all the fun that lies in doing something different. Truly amazing—the ride was a topper by all means.

  • I Wander, I Wonder Yet I Smile At Life

    Jordan impresses with its landscape but the lady from Petra teaches us important lessons for life! behind her wrinkles lie stress, thoughts, dreams and anxieties! Yet she smiles like a sliver of hope from some lighted corner in life. If only we could keep smiling amid all the no's of our life, the world would have been happier, if not better.

  • Unleash Your Charm In Full Color--Ode To The Parrot

    The vibrant charm of the parrot brightens as it unfurls its feathers. Perched on a branch, the bright yellow bird, brings in joy on a dull day at Thailand. The feathers are multi-specked as are its notes. It is worth your while to pen down odes to this lovely creation of nature.

  • The Spider And Its Web

    The steadfastness of the spider is caught on lens. Adept at spinning its web, the spider has its eyes deeply set on its aim. Inspiring and worth taking time to think over!

  • Tiny Dots Make A Whole, Tiny Lights Make The World Roll

    The dhow cuts a solitary figure on the river inn Dubai yet on closer look, it ascertains the beauty of life within. Housing hundreds within, the dhow is akin to a protector with humble outlook yet a strong upper hand. Cruising along the river makes you think of the loose threads in life--of things undone and things to be done! Life is but a river cruise, the jolts aboard a dhow are only reminders of the jerks every conquest has in its way.

  • Let The Waves Wash Us Away Yet Reunite Us On The Shore

    Life is a gamble and the waves remind us how innocent we are when life washes us away into its grip. The lovely children here seem at ease, unaware that the waves could be trouble. It is this optimism that separate man from a child. While adults keep bay from dangerous waves, children frolic in them-perhaps that is why God resides in children and love them more!

  • Goldilocks From Ukraine With The Wind In Her Hair

    The wind in her hair makes her smile wide and beam bright. Caught on lens is a lovely girl Anna from Ukraine who seems to remind us of all those fairytale princesses pampered and protected by the knights.

  • The Setting Sun And Its Many Lessons

    The setting sun appears wow yet so different round the world. Captured at Dubai here, the sun seems to be swallowed by the ocean but ultimately rises daily to give us light and life.

  • Poise, Pretty and Perfect

    The Karo girl is an image of poise and peace. The jewelry is the highlight here while here gaze reminds us of the depthy heroines we come across in novels. When would somebody go ahead and write stories around such beauties?

  • Life As We Do Not See It

    A view from an angle that is not often the usual one, this picture reminds us that life appears different if seen from a whole new perspective. An amazing tour, amazing people around and some awesome scenery that freshened up my take on life.

  • Dainty, Naughty And A Epitome Of Grace--A Ropewalker's Story

    Life is as full of surprises as the rope offers risks at each step. We salute the lovely calibre and courage of this trained performer who takes on the challenge every day. Shutting away from risks never yield results. It is only as you learn to walk on the narrowest of threads, the darkest of alleys and the toughest of paths, that you get the answers to life and living. #Courage #Amazement #Beauty

  • An Epitome Of Love-- A Toast To The Taj

    What more can be said of the Taj but that it is worth reverence. A sign of love that inspires but can never be replicated, a sign of love that amazes yet can never be stolen—that is what great love is about—above the ordinary, above deception and above replication.

  • Life Is A Ferris Wheel

    Sharjah is not just about its stadiums and nightlife, this giant Ferris wheel seems to remind us that life is as fair as a circle. It goes on with the best and worst but gives numberless chances--to all those at the top as well as bottom! Life is uncertain but we know we can come down as soon as we are up but we also know we could go up even when down.

  • Of Things New and Old

    The reel is reversed. The Kazo woman is set to capture what's around. Her contemporary appeal and her awesome jewelry highlight the best parts of her personality.

  • Life Jokes Upon Us As We Plan To Evade Its Schemes

    A plethora of juggling clowns throws surprises our way. As the colorful heads join to bathe us in laughter, they teach us lessons in life and living. The wonderful group teaches us to be merry and joyful always. Be a joy giver if you want life to shower joys on you. Love, live and enjoy life--you never know what moment vanishes off as you juggle hundreds of them.

  • Who Knew Brown Is Beautiful?

    The butterfly is a beauty in brown. At the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this lovely creature flutters and stays calm. It teaches us to be calm and serene at all times-no matter how deep the waters around us are!

  • Sydney Opera House--Up Close And Personal With The Giant

    What appears miniscule from afar is indeed a giant to beckon with upfront. The Sydney Opera House does not just house awesome stories within, its architecture and structure have been designed to inspire and awe. Thrilling, beautiful and grand-- perhaps it is the majesty here that inspires you to gear up for life!

  • The Dance Of The Sufi--Whirling Around In Glory

    The typical Egyptian culture comes to the fore with this colorful dance of the Sufi. The lovely hues comes together to create a whirling illusion as we get lost in the rhythm and the foot taps. Marvelous talent of a dimension we barely imagine!

  • A bird in Dubai Zoo Park - Colourful and Vibrant

    The crowned crane is a celebration of God's skills, a toast to the capacity of Nature, a cheerful display of the superpower's canvas skills. Yet the crane seems lonely. Beauty seems so good only as long as you do not peek into the pain in the eyes. Longing for a friend, a companion, the crane is poetry in motion yet seems incomplete without a mate!

  • And You Thought Jelly Is Wobbly?

    No one lives life as they do under the sea. In sharp colors and a satiny sheet, this jellyfish inspires us to casually float through life. The beauty of its shape combined with its agility, prove the God indeed is an artist.

  • A Mild Blow With The Wind On My Side with Renee Marie Stephano

    A lovely candid shot of my friend Renee Marie Stephano at Lithuania comes alive with its surreal backdrop. Her childish look and the ease of expression remind us that no matter how high life takes you, you must always be rooted to the earth and feel the same bliss that was peculiar to childhood.

  • An evening at Dal Lake Kashmir

    Dal Lake offers unmatched lifestyle and such a surreal and calm exposure to Kashmir's culture. Its massive lake, and every part of the lake has something new to offer. Life around Dal Lake is worth noticing and exploring. Enchanting Kashmir, the northernmost state in India known as the Paradise on Earth is a destination where a travel photographer wants to be eventually. Dal Lake, encircled by the snowcapped Pir Panjal is heavenly for travel photography. The lake is fringed on all sides with pristine avenues lined with the whispering poplar and chinar trees. The amazing sun set in Dal Lake paints the sky in multicolored madness. The setting sun captured precisely within appropriate time frame would worth more than hundred times the verbal description of the sublime beauty. The gorgeously decorated house boats and Shikaras on this lake offer excellent opportunities for travel photography.

  • Heavens Lie Here, Here And Here

    Gulmarg is not just about flowers and earthly beauty. As the sun kisses the peaks of this mountain peak at Gulmarg, a wondrous eruption of beauty, charisma, elegance and "heavenliness" occurs. The majestic appeal dwarfs all that lies beneath while the towering height of the mountains reminds us to stand tall amid the worst that life might fog us with!

  • The Natural Bliss Of Colors

    The picture reveals the many shades of nature. From the flaming orange of the setting sun to the blue of the pristine waters, Sri Lanka has a lot of contrasts to offer. The majesty is evident in the scenery.

  • A Young Girl Wearing Traditional Navratri Dress.

    Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights.[2] During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshipped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or "Dussehra" (also spelled Dasera). Navaratri is an important major festival and is celebrated all over India and Nepal. Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated twenty days after Dasera. Though there are in total five types of Navaratri that come in a year, Sharad Navaratri is the most popular one. Hence, the term Navaratri is being used for Sharada Navaratri here. - Wiki

  • Of Parenting and Bonding

    Love needs no boundary. Parenting only knows love and this is evident in the way the tribals bond.

  • The Skies Speak To Us

    What is most beguiling here? The zebras or the trunk? Or is it the skies? Be it whatever, the skies seem to engage in a conversation we do not often hear. They are happy and have a secret or two to share.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Apparently, Dr Prem Jagyasi realizes the deeper meaning of the adage and uses photography as a tool to express his emotions and bring to the fore the real beauty of his subjects. A gift of enterprise, Dr Prem’s travel photography reflect his deep understanding of cultures and geographies that he acquired after visiting above 35 countries and working with several tourism governments and experts. Dr Prem’s thoughtfully clicked pictures delicately depict the essence of the subject matter, thereby providing reasons aplenty for credible publications to vie for pictures he clicks. Dr Prem Jagyasi has the unique ability to capture images with a solid composition even after defying the conventions in photography. His images do not belong to any particular genre but still they are enthralling enough to capture the imagination of any audience. 

Dr Prem Jagyasi is a man with creativity, which further enhances his credentials as a travel photographer. He is able to intuitively ascertain essentials of a great photograph such as lighting, composition, and focus, and use them impeccably to deliver astounding shots. His remarkable hand-eye coordination comes in handy in manipulating the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos.