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Countries promoting photography tourism

The Greek Charm Of A Georgian Hub

Many countries worldwide had been advocating photographic tourism and have been setting up a congenial and tourist friendly environment encouraging photography. Photography is in fact a promotional tool enhancing the tourist inflow in a particular country. Beautiful landscapes, its people and culture and the signature landmarks that have contributed towards the fame of the country are captured in the photographer’s lens fast spreading across the world of tourism industry, making the country a much sought after tourist destination.

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Almost all the affluent nations like the US, European Union, Australia and Asian countries encourage photographic tourism. Photography is an amazing publicity medium. Display of photo shots taken on selective and interesting subjects that make a nation unique invite the interest of a large volume of tourist. Photography fires the artistic passion of the tourist who gets himself packed with his luggage and camera in order to set out on a venture to a distant land. Higher tourist influx means higher inflow of dollars which boosts the country’s economy. The government gets encouraged and patronizes photographic tourism and the popularity of the country as a breathtaking tourist destination spreads arresting the fancy of more tourists. This is a cyclic mechanism adding value to photographic tourism making the tourism industry boom roaring with activities as a whole.

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There are however a few countries in Central Africa torn by civil war, internal political turmoil and plagued by corrupt administrative machinery where the government does not encourage tourist take photographs of landscapes and landmarks. Gradually, the government has changed its attitude and has been quite liberal past few years. Tourists with cameras hung around their neck are no longer discouraged and turned way. Many countries conservative about their religion and culture used to shy away from photography, but viewing the benefits of photography tourism they have welcomed this form of tourism to a great extent.

Tiny Dots Make A Whole, Tiny Lights Make The World Roll

There is more news to encouraging photographic tourism coming from countries like Abu Dhabi, where the ministry of culture and tourism with due support from the International Federation of photographic art are arranging the emirates photography competition (EPC) every year. The prime motive of EPC is to draw as many photographers as possible, both from professional and amateur section to hone and showcase their photographic skills. The focus is mostly on encouraging budding photographers sharpening their photo shooting skills. EPC is all set to achieve this wonderful objective by setting up dedicated workshops, face to face conferences, tutorials and shared displays as well. This competition has been beneficial both for the photographers and the tourism industry of UAE, which has been successful in pulling tourists in large numbers from the affluent and developed nations past few years.