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History of photography tourism

Tourism and photography are intertwined with each other past a considerable span of span of time. The tourist has realized both photography and tourism are complementary to each other, and there is a long history over the years backing up such a relationship.

It was his instinctive passion that has driven tourist down the ages from ancient times to capture the image of the places with all its beauty and magic that he had travelled. Drawing, sketching and painting used to be the medium of expressing his appreciation and passion for preserving the images of nature, until serious thought was given to invent a machine, which could capture permanent images of the beauteous nature enabling him to preserve those for a long time.

The realization came quite long back among tourists that it was important to put the world on a global exhibit thus widening the horizon of tourist view on a collective scale.

The Eskimos inhabiting the ice capped polar land masses did not have the least idea of the existence of scorchers setting the Sahara on flame at 50 degrees Celsius. Neither the sand dunes nor mirages ever appeared in his visual experiences or imagination. The Dayaks dwelling in the depths of Borneo equatorial rain forests did not have the least idea of the modernity and glowing gimmicks that had hit Tokyo or Seattle for that matter. On similar grounds, men dwelling in the concrete jungles dotted with high rises and supermarket malls could never imagine the pattern of lifestyle and rituals existing among the tribes living in Congo or Amazon basin and the primitive green setting with towering tree trunks and thick foliage blocking off the sun offering a perfect backdrop.

Not till the advent of photography had taken the world like a storm. This powerful visual media had set the world of tourism burning with ardent passion and a strong desire to set out on a venture and explore the world around. Early records reveal that the tourists had been fascinated by the captivating photography. The spirit of adventure in him had been fired. The man who preferred to stay within the confines of his residence had become a globetrotter.

The wonders of photography have bridged the gap of information between people staying in different parts the world. As the time flowed, photography and tourism made firm connections. Camera Obscura and Claude glasses saw a gradual evolution. The world of photography received a support from advancements in science and technology, and sophisticated cameras and digicams are now ruling the world of photography and tourism.

The mechanism operates on the fundamentals of human desire bordering the artistic side of man. Recording the landscape and nature of a distant land on a visit and preserving and putting them for public display is a basic yearning sustained in the depths of human mind. It is here where photography walks in bonding the desire to visit a distant land and the desire to record the scenic beauties through photography.