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Implementation of best practices in photography tourism

Photographic tourism does not imply random shots taken on random visits to tourist destinations. It involves exercising your thought process a bit and designing an itinerary which brings in mindboggling success to tourism and the element of photography associated with it .Tours are to be deliberated keeping the object of photography in mind.

You need to devote the best time and opportunity to visit your dream destination. Being in the right place and wielding your photography kit at the right time is significant. Make most of the setting where the photographic opportunity is available for who knows the sunny sky you have overhead this moment might be spoiled by dark and gathering clouds moments later!

The photographic kit to be carried to the tour destination needs to be handled with utmost care and caution. If you are carrying a tripod, be informed that it adds on extra weight to your luggage. Tripods are great when taking shots of the sunset and sunrise and therefore form an essential accompaniment. Ensure the gadget is built out of light material. Enough films should be taken in case you run out of stock. The same principle holds with the batteries as their life span is often unpredictable. However, if you are carrying a digital or a DSLR you need not worry about film inventory. Proper prudence should be observed for maintenance of your kit, especially the lens. Keep soft linen for cleaning the camera lens, and see that they don’t suffer a scratch mark while cleaning .Likewise, the lens should be protected against dust storms.

It is not fair to take snap of anything that comes in your way while you move along your tour destination. Seek permission from the concerned authorities prior to taking shots of temples, shrines, monasteries, people, cultural festivals and local rituals. Mindless shots directed at sacred places may not be entertained.

A well planned photographic tour searching for specific subjects is a great way to sharpen your photographic talent. Whether you are a professional or a novice hardly matters as there is always room to improve your existing set of skills.

In photography tourism, the choice of the tourist destination and the accompanying group are important factors. The place holds the beauty and enchantment your camera lens is looking for. The right company you move with can be valuable for exchanging views regarding angles, intensity of images, background light and other finer details.

It is quite likely that you are ready to take a shot and the crowd gets in front of your lens in a cluster, blocking your view .Hold on to your patience, and wait till the crowd gets dispersed enabling you a free access view.

Good and attractive photographs should not be clicked in a rush. If you find any special subject worthy of clicking, break away from your group and look for a serene environment in order to concentrate on your subject. The right timings for a sunrise and sunset along with all the brilliant glory that paints the sky gorgeous should never be missed.

Last but not the least you should train your eyes beyond what the lens sees. The camera takes in the image as it passes in through the lens. But your photographic skills should able to put in a bit of life in what the lens just sees. Here lies your brilliance that makes your creation a cut above the rest!