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Is photographic tourism for you?

Photography and tourism are inseparable. Tourism without photos of the tour destinations taken is a half completed activity. Photography in tourism appeals to every tourist. There is no fun in a visit to a place without keeping a record of all the wonderful things you had been through while on a tour. No other form of record is as pleasing as the one that has a visual desirability, and photography fits the description exactly as does a ball into a socket.

Photography tourism is not a restricted arena but is for all having an aesthetic sense and an eye of appreciation. All you need is a decent camera, a stock of films or memory chips if you prefer a digicam.

Nature reveals herself in many forms and beauties across the globe forcing us step outdoors to enjoy and appreciate the variety. We have icy polar caps as we move up the latitudes with huge flats of frozen ice mirroring the blue sky. A breath taking beauty epitomized. You cannot bring in back home a chunk of the ice, a feel of the freezing cold, the sparkling rays of the setting sun slithering along the ice fields. Neither can you bring with you a few exotic samples of the fauna like a baby penguin, but you can certainly carry home the brilliant photography of these wonderful creations of nature. It greatly helps in reliving the memories of your amazing trip.

If you are an admirer of historical architecture, photographic tourism is for you. Taj Mahal in Agra is a magnificent feat in the field of structural design. Someone called it ‘ a frozen melody’. You realize the justification of the adjective if you take a photo shot of this architectural marvel. It’s too good to be true and is a prized collection that will give you immense gratification whenever you look at it.

With millions of tourists clicking around you may feel isolated not being a part of the shooting crowd, and isn’t that a strong reason why should not you be the one with your own camera to take the best shot making you the champion photographer of the day. Photographic tourism fosters a healthy competition. In all probabilities, there is a latent desire boiling within. This competiveness certainly helps you improve on your photographic skills if not helps you win an award.

Photographic tourism is largely educative apart from the immense joy you draw keeping your eye behind your camera lens focusing onto a breath taking scenery. It is the right mix of art and geometric precision that culminates into world class photographic creations. The depth and intensity of a landscape, the display of color and shade, the subtle choice of angle makes your photo shots come alive. It requires appropriate judgment and a sense of proportion. Like the photo shot of a tribal chief standing straight with a regal stance with majestic mountain ranges in the background can become a thought provoking subject in photography, and who knows your drive for photographic tourism might turn you into a professional photographer some day.