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Key drivers of photography tourism

Photography tourism is driven by a strong impetus to express the creative side of the photographer tourist. The wonderful visual charms and the magic spell cast by a dynamic sheet of the blue ocean against the backdrop of a brilliant sun fires a rare kind of satisfaction to the photographer tourist who captures these exquisite shades of pink, azure and crimson grey through his lens. It is comparable with the kick of gratification a landscape artist derives staring at and absorbing every bit of his creation that has made the canvas a gorgeous exhibit! This self appraisal and immense satisfaction drawn breed fresh inspiration.

This is a key driving force that inspires the tourist to grab his camera once again and set out in quest of fresh pastures worthy of a shoot. Since photography is a strong visual media, it has enough power to promote tourist appeal a distant land may hold. It is not the pseudo hype that a carefully framed statement with a touch of a little marketing exercise would lead. This stuff is far more than that and is an instant hit depending upon how well that tourist photographer has done his job in capturing the hypnotizing enchantment of a valley adorned with flower or perhaps a rolling pasture land with flocks of sheep grazing. You are fascinated by the photo and feel like booking the next flight to reach this fairyland!

The key factors of photographic tourism are not just confined to the landscape beauty and outdoor shoots drawing more crowds. The support infrastructures like the hotel accommodations, home stay cottages and favorite haunts like eateries and pubs which the crowd look for also find a place in the photographer’s captures. These are transmitted fast as important sources of information passing over to the world motivating tourists at large to pack and take a step forward to arrive at their dream destination.

The socio cultural displays and craftsmanship of the local folks serve as a powerful key driver stirring photographic tourism. Particularly the tribal dances exhibited by the tribal folk in different corners of the globe are simply enthralling. For that matter, the traditional dance performed by the Masai’s of the East African Serengeti plains is well worth a shoot! The tribal craftsmanship constituting exquisite pieces of art may trigger a strong drive to draw tourists thousand miles away to capture a snapshot of these decorative pieces and immortalize them in celluloid for the world to see with an appreciative gaze.

The heritage monuments, pyramids, shrine, ruins and rubbles from ancient civilizations have a special appeal for the photographer tourist with an archeological bend of mind. Camera wielding tourists having an acute interest in the laws of mathematics, civil engineering and astronomy might be seen flocking around the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids with a kind of obsession and a spark of interest glinting in his eyes. It does not come as a surprise if these tourists are caught taking photographs of these legendary structures from all possible angles selecting different time slots in a day. It is quite possible they are driven by a fiery passion in order to propound a new explanation to the laws of physics and gravity, backed by new records captured and revealed by his array of photographic shots of the subject.

Finally, the various photography competitions held across the globe add fuel to the photography passion of tourists, and various television channels telecasting some wonderful video recordings and gorgeous photo clips encourages the diehard travelers to experiment more with the lens ultimately bringing in home some financial gains as well.