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Top 10 destinations for photographic tourism

The statement that this world is god’s canvas painted in an astounding mix of colors, landscapes, ravines and greenery makes much sense. It is just hard to choose a place from the other that would lure you with your photography kit in a quest to capture the nature’s beauties with a motive of permanent preservation. Here I have tried to list down top ten destinations, which would easily become a photographers dream, turning him on, loading his camera and accessories setting out in quest of these enchanting places of unparalleled beauty.


The striking features of this pollution free and a near virgin land located up in the north are its low population density, clean atmosphere, ambient and unspoiled settling and mild temperature. These factors have a combined impact on the overall scenic beauty, and a spell of picturesque charm cast by this amazing land has turned it into a photographer’s paradise. The landscapes are stunning blessed with a number of waterfalls which keep rolling and rumbling echoing off the surrounding mountains of majestic view.

The entire scenery holds the photographer enchanted and gives him a feel that if there exists a paradise on earth it is this and his camera goes on nonstop clicking!

British Isles:

The chain of the British Isles ranges from the mystifying beauty of the Scottish Highlands to the charming setting of the Lake District .The British Isles has some of the most varied landscapes in the world that captivates a photographer. The amazing mix of flora and fauna and a large spread of greenery make this tourist destination an ideal subject on nature photography.


China offers a diverse character in its breathtaking landscapes, which presents outstanding photographic opportunities. One scenic spot literally competes with the other to be framed inside the photographer’s lens. Great view of the legendary Wall of China, the magic of granite mountains of Huangshan located in the Anhui province of eastern China ,the bustling city of Shanghai with its stunning modernity are sites too excellent to be any photographers prized collections. The snowcapped majestic mountains to the south west, the amazing view of the deep valleys cut along by flowing rivers and the vast expanse of green steppes will take a photographer’s breath away! You place your eye in the view finder, push your shutters and the surrounding scenery will do the rest! You have in your collection priceless gem of photography.


Banff has a splendid setting amid the picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountains, and is a destination a photographer would die for. Its exceptional features are the glaciers. Situated by the banks of Lake Moraine, the Banff National park boasts of a fabulous combination of flora and fauna, a lure strong enough to keep a tourist busy on his camera shots the whole day .It is famous for its still aquamarine waters catching brilliant reflections of the blue overhead and the lush green vegetation along its banks. Banff beckons photographers from all corners of the globe and the latter jumps with their cameras with a cheerful response


Perched in the mountainous terrain of the magnificent Andes Peru is a perfect destination for stellar photography. The land inspiring the renowned Inca civilization, it is this heavenly abode where fabled gold treasure trove was said to have been existed. The mountains are shrouded in enigma presenting a brilliant image for photographic ventures. The legendary site of Machu Pichu is just one among many panoramic spots well worth a photo shot. There is the Colca Canyon which almost doubles the depth of Grand Canyon. The country is fringed with forts and awe inspiring sun temples where as history puts it is believed to be the grounds for human sacrifice. Specially, the temples of Chan Chan are truly arresting and a venture to Peru remains incomplete without some memorable shots of this colorful land.


Morocco is a typical bedouin country with its magical expanse of the Saharan desert, the picturesque sand dunes and enchanting green isolations of Oasis in the desert country offering excellent photographic opportunities. The streets and alleys present an exotic appeal and is a hub of bustling activities. The thick aroma of kebabs being cooked, vendors shouting and selling exquisite decorative artifacts, tune of ‘azans over towering mosque minarets all conjure up a live atmosphere, and the tourist cannot help but click his camera shutters. Morocco is full of color pulsating with life with high mountain range of Atlas at the backdrop. The spectacular Draa valley is located south of the Atlas chain and abounds in palm groves. It’s all wonderful and captivating beauty fits into every description of a dream destination of the photographer tourist. No words of appreciation would do enough justice to the 150 meters tall Erg Chebbi sand dunes that a bright photo shot. This marvel of nature shoots up and slumps down in an undulating landscape with the Sahara working the wonders, a photographers delight indeed!


The Pyrenees form a massive land barrier between France and Spain and is a testimony to a variety of gorgeous villages and town set up centuries back. Lush valleys and glacier fed lakes bring the scenery close to divine beauty. The Alpine landscape is mystifying and stunning. Photo shots of the surrounding landscape speak volumes of its unchallenged view in terms of beauty. This European Alpine landscape is a gem of a destination prized for photography.


In terms of altitude and isolation, no country can beat Bolivia. Popularly nicknamed as the Tibet of America, this country is noted for its vast expanse of salt flats of Uyuni , which is a natural mirror reflecting the image of the sky overhead, and is a much sought after subject of landscape photography . Lake Titicaca and its surrounding Andean cast a magical spell, and the ancient Inca city of Tiwanaku is a pure beauty and photographer’s target world over.


One third of this island down under off the coast of south east Australia is covered by Wild Life reserves and National parks. The flora and fauna has a somewhat alien air that prompts the tourist take position wielding his photography kit. The landscapes have a romantic touch, the rain forests lush and unspoiled, and the coastline exquisite washed by the blue sea presenting a mix of enchantment giving you a feel this is the place you were looking for your photo shoot. There is an opportunity of indulging in the outdoor sport of hiking as well. You feel like capturing the entire spot inside the lens.


The picture of Yosemite brings forth enormous sequoia groves shooting up into the sky through an astounding length. The land is scattered with splendid geysers, hot springs and granite rocks. Yosemite boasts of a tranquil environment and is visited by a huge influx of tourists every year. It is a picture perfect site and provides the tourists with a lot of photographic scopes.