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Travel and Tourism Arrangement

Photographic tourism thrives on certain infrastructural services, which are very basic and necessary requirements for this form of tourism to run on greased wheels. The travel agents fix the bill and make all necessary arrangements for photographic tourism. Tour operators and travel agents guide the tourists focusing on featured travel plans, with an objective of providing excellent opportunities of taking photo shots of choicest landscapes and other attractions of photographic value.

They offer a comprehensive and combined packaged services ranging from flight booking, locating and fixing hotels and transportation and manage individual and group photography travels. The chief attractions worth taking snaps are highlighted, with the latest photographs displayed in their offices, whether located in a metropolis or in the destination tourist sites.

The photos cover a wide range of subjects from cultural dances, local festivals and fares, cuisine, tribal craftsmanship like basket weaving, making masks and cloth weaving. Breathtaking views of sunsets and exquisite landscapes inspire the tourist, and he feels a strong enticement to get away to his dream destination the moment he steps into the travel agents’ bureaus. Focus is concentrated on excellent customer service ensuring that the tourist does not miss an opportunity to take photo shots to his full contentment.

Travel agents fluctuate in size of business and range of operation. Small time organizers are localized, for example, in a hill station like Darjeeling. However, their service is competent over a limited confinement. You may trust them with a little prior information, and their services are well within the budget .Big agencies have huge network operating across the globe providing a wide range of services recommended for large scale photographic tour programs. Quite obviously their service comes at an expensive price. Their knowledge is not limited within the conventional tourism services but extends to photography benefitting the amateur photographer tourists a lot.

With the trend of photographic tourism on the rise thanks to the advent of hi-tech digicams, handy cams and DSLR models, the dependence on travel and tour agencies has risen substantially. The ever increasing tourist population has resulted in rapid mushrooming of travel and tour agencies. Competition for securing the business has become neck to neck emphasizing more on photography as it has become an integral part of modern age tourism .Under this demanding state of affairs, the quality and promptness of services are geared up to maintain a steady profit margin. Therefore, prudence is a prime requisite when going in for a travel agency selection. The track record and credibility of the travel agency needs to be ascertained before booking a trip. Past records, quality of service offered and customer handling justify the future market of these travel agencies. In a nutshell, how well these agencies organize photo tourism optimizing customer service and their pricing policy is the key factor for their survival in the long run.